Who is behind this brand?

Greetings, I am Triniti Scott, owner, and founder of Shenanigans Hairtique. Shenanigans Hairtique was established on April 1st, 2020, with a small vision to sell edge control. I began my hair journey one year ago, after years of trying to retain the length of my natural hair. As a child, I did not learn how to properly treat my curly strands, which led to severe breakage. Even though my mom used protective styles on my hair, it was still an issue. After watching “Nappily Ever After,” based on Trisha Thomas, I learned to love my natural hair, which led me to the big chop. During my transition, I created a hair growth oil, performed hydration treatments, and cut my ends regularly. This routine allowed my hair to grow. My hair growth oil was my first experiment with my product line and is one of our best selling products. Months later, I decided to launch my own hair product business, where we specialize in hair growth, create handmade natural products, and sell protective styling extensions, and supplies. Thank you for supporting my business, and I wish you the best with your journey!